Setting up SoCAN: Who approves new members?

Posted by Clare Diaper on

Hi all

I have set up some of you as Admins on the site so there is more than one person who can approve new members. I know I don't want to be the only one doing this so I wondered if we either say it will take a few days to approve new memberships? Or once we start promoting the page we allocate a day or two between the site admins to check in and approve people so that we can keep up?


Posted by Liz Batten on

Hi Clare

Is there any way to make the system send a notification when someone posts in a discussion? I'm not likely to log in very often so might miss stuff.



Posted by Lyn B on

who is getting this message now?!


Posted by Liz Batten on

Me! I got an email notification. It seems that we have to log in to the site to reply. I can't find a way to reply via email.