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SoCAN has secured funding to work with researchers at the University of Southampton to develop the network and to run a series of evaluated workshops exploring Doughnut Economics.

Here you will find write-ups of each event along with links to further reading and information.


University of Southampton's Social Impact Lab Climate Action Workshop, Wednesday 17 May

At this event Liz Batten (SoCAN Project Supervisor) and Tammy Oliver (Workshop Facilitator) presented a workshop on Doughnut Economics as part of the University of Southampton's Social Impact Lab event 'Climate Action Workshop’. It was a full house with a good mix of students and visitors from the community. The event was fast paced, fun and informative, resulting in lots of conversations about climate action and doughnut economics. Liz and Tammy’s presentation set up the theme for the workshop. Other projects that featured included Repair Café/ Transition Southampton (local case study), renewable energy company (national case study) and solar power project for a school in Lebanon called Powering Education, Empowering Children (international case study). The presentations were interspersed with time to have conversations in pairs or small groups about ideas generated, which were then shared with the whole room.

Social Impact Lab Photo

Liz Batten, SoCAN Project Supervisor presenting at University of Southampton's Social Impact Lab event 'Climate Action Workshop’. (Photo courtesy of Tammy Oliver) 

Links to case studies featured in workshop
Repair Cafés (local case study)
Powering Education, Empowering Children (international case study) 
University of Southampton Social Impact Lab 

What alternative economic models are there for a better future? 
Thursday 25 May, October Books 

An event exploring alternative economic models, in particular the work of Adam Smith. Professor Jonathan Conlin gave some fascinating insights into how Smith’s work has been co-opted and distorted by neoliberal economics. Dr Arvind Sivaramakrishnan gave a response. Liz Batten (SoCAN Project Supervisor) introduced Doughnut Economics and Nathan Brown spoke about social enterprise and the cooperative model of running businesses.

October Books Alternative Economics

Liz Batten, SoCAN Project Supervisor presenting at 'What alternative economic models are there for a better future?' in October Books. (Photo courtesy of October Books) 

Further information and reading on Doughnut Economics
DEAL – Doughnut Economics Action Lab
Leeds Doughnut
Civic Square – A Public Square/ Neighbourhood Economics Lab/ Creative + Participatory Ecosystem
The Alternative - Safe and Just Earth System Boundaries
October Books

Can Doughnut Economics future-proof Southampton?
Saturday 8 July 2023, Friends Meeting House

A free participative workshop designed to introduce a broad audience to Doughnut Economics, how the models works and how we can all use it to create a safe and just space for humanity and the planet. The event was held at the Friends Meeting House in Southampton City Centre. On the day we had 25 people join us from across Southampton as well as further afield from the New Forest and Andover.

Step into the Doughnut

Step into the doughnut exercise 

The workshop started with a primer explaining what SoCAN is, our work, which dovetailed into our interest in Doughnut Economics and asking everyone to watch an introductory video of Kate Raworth’s TED talk from 2018. We then moved on to an ice breaker involving the whole group participating. We laid out a rope on the floor of the room and asked everyone to “step into the doughnut” an exercise that helps people to understand the model better and connect it with their lives, their communities, and the natural world in an interactive and experiential way. Crafty doughnut

 Notes from the Crafty Doughnut Group discussion part of Open Space Market Place

We then heard from Clare Diaper who presented the story of October Books development as a real life local example of Doughnut Economics in action. After lunch Mandi Bissett shared information about Doughnut Economics happening nationally and internationally (see links to case studies below).

The final section was led by facilitator Tammy Oliver setting up an 'Open Space Market Place', which involved all the workshop participants in a joint agenda setting activity. Anyone could raise a key issue or opportunity from the morning’s Doughnut Economics theme, which they wanted to take further and  discuss in small groups. After discussion the individual groups then fed back on the ideas, which included – Crafty Doughnut Group, Community Composting, Portable Information Stand, Southampton Doughnut Coalition, Total Recycling and Wooden Bikes. The day closed with a reflection on what we had discussed and we moved into informal networking.


Infographic by Tammy Oliver 

Please email if you would like to be connected to the ideas that were developed in the workshop or would like to be part of any future conversations about Doughnut Economics.

Further information and links to resources shared in the workshop 

Ted Talk – Kate Raworth – A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow 

DEAL – Doughnut Economics Action Lab  

Book by Kate Raworth – Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist – order via October Books 

Organisations and cities on their Doughnut Economics journey 

Civic Square, Birmingham, UK

Leeds Doughnut, UK 

Cambridge Doughnut, UK

Glasgow, UK 

Cornwall, UK 

Devon, UK 

Brussels, Belgium 

The Amsterdam City Doughnut 

Melbourne, Australia

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