Southampton Environmental Groups

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2. Community groups

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1. Campaigning groups

Southampton Greenpeace

The Southampton Greenpeace group take action and also meet regularly at vegetarian and vegan cafes, so do come along and meet us.  We have a monthly zoom meeting on the first Monday of every month from 6:30 to 7pm, to update and plan the month's campaigning.  We often have a monthly evening social, and when we campaign we often have a drink before or after at a vegetarian cafe.

Greenpeace is passionate about protecting the Earth – the only life support system we have. Greenpeace investigates, documents and exposes the causes of environmental destruction. Local groups work to bring about change through political lobbying, citizen action, and consumer pressure. We take peaceful direct action to protect this fragile planet and promote the solutions for a green and peaceful future.  Please contact is to meet in advance of an event.

Web: - sign up for usually-monthly email updates




Southampton and area Friends of the Earth (FoE)

Climate chaos affects us all, so we'd love you to join us.  We are part of over 70 Friends of the Earth international groups and over 200 local groups in the UK. 

Our main campaign is the trees in Marlhill Copse (on the flight path) - see our facebook for what we're up to.  We co-ordinate actions, send a newsletter then meet up and take action.  We can easily expand our campaigns if you want to!

Email to sign up for newsletter


Facebook:  and


Southampton XR (Extinction Rebellion)

Taking local and national action.  We are in a period of abrupt #ClimateBreakdown. Join #ExtinctionRebellion today!

  • Regular Public Monthly Meetings.
  • Rhythms (Samba) Practice on alternate Thursday evenings.
  • XR Art Group and Social last Friday of the month.

We mainly organise via Telegram. Come to a public meeting to find out more. 

Web: - sign up to mailing list here. 


Google Calendar:


Southampton Cycling Campaign

Southampton Cycling Campaign meet on 2nd Mon of month on zoom 7.30-9pm, have a monthly ride on 3rd Sunday of month, and meet usually on 4th week of month for a social.

We campaign for better infrastructure to aid the convenience, safety and practicality of cycling in and around Southampton, for all cyclists no matter what age, ability or background.  We build relationships with key influencers and decision makers and when possible collaborate on projects, working with them to promote the positive impact that cycling and walking can have on everyone’s lives.  We promote safe and courteous cycling, and help educate all road users in schemes designed to increase road safety and awareness. 

Web:   - see how to join.


Twitter: @sotoncycling


Friends of the Itchen Estuary

Friends of the Itchen Estuary is a charitable association, founded in June 2023, whose aims are to be an advocacy, campaigning, and community engagement group for the Itchen Estuary’s natural value including its
1. biodiversity and ecology
2. value for mental and physical well-being
3. recreational value
4. carbon emissions mitigation value
5. capacity for urban cooling
Friends of the Itchen Estuary will strive to improve and enhance the Itchen Estuary’s natural value for the benefit of current and future residents of Southampton, for visitors to Southampton, and as a contribution to the global preservation and protection of biodiversity and climate change mitigation.
Activities include
1. Citizen Science centered campaigning for an end to sewage pollution
2. Promotion of a vision for Southampton's largest blue/green space, founded in its great natural value and rich social, cultural, and economic history.
3. Active participation in biodiversity protection and enhancement.

We can be contacted via or 'Friends of the Itchen Estuary' on Facebook. A website is under construction.


Southampton Street Space

We all use Southampton’s streets – they connect us all together – but they are changing in front of our eyes.

People would stop to chat with their neighbours and would pop to the shops on their bikes.  Children used to be able to walk to school safely and play in the streets.  The streets were alive with people and that’s what we want back.

Twitter: @SotonStreets 




Just Stop Oil Southampton 

Join JSO Southampton for regular relaxed social evenings . It’s a chance to meet people involved in Just Stop Oil and other local environmental campaigns, talk about future plans and of course try some delicious vegan food! You’re welcome to bring your own vegan dishes to share, or you can just rock up and get some inspiration for recipes to try at home.
These events are open to everyone – whether you’ve taken action with JSO or other climate groups before, or are just curious to find out more and meet some likeminded people.  For more details or to arrange to meet a friendly face beforehand, email us.



Parents for Future Hampshire

We are a growing group of like-minded parents and carers in Hampshire, who are worried about the climate crisis and how it will affect our children’s future.
We run regular meet ups. We find hope, connection and support being part of a community. We take local climate action.

We understand that your families come first. We are all time poor (and sleep deprived!). But we put what energy we can into connecting with other parents and trying to make a difference for our children’s futures.

You don’t have to be a parent to join our actions or support PFF. Carers, grandparents, guideparents, aunts? if you care about the future all children face, join us.

Want to get involved? Come along to our next meeting, follow us on Instagram @ParentsForFuture_Hampshire or email us


2. Community Groups

Transition Southampton

Transition Southampton is committed to working with local communities, organisations and local government to help develop positive solutions that meet imminent environmental challenges.  Transition Southampton has a positive vision of a resilient future with care for our environment, and mental and physical well-being extending to all parts of the community. 
The objectives of Transition Southampton are:
- to raise awareness of climate change and other environmental challenges in the city of Southampton,
- to develop and implement an Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) for a more sustainable Southampton,
- to further and enable the reduction of the carbon footprint of Southampton’s residents, businesses, organisations, and local government,
- to reinvigorate the bonds of community in Southampton, and
- to provide education and opportunities for reskilling to promote individuals’ and community resilience.

We run many projects, such as Repair Cafes - take a look:

Web: - sign up for monthly newsletter

Facebook:   and



Southampton Woodcraft Folk (mainly for children)  Not currently active but aiming to be again.

Woodcraft Folk believe passionately in equality and co-operation. Our aim is to have great fun, but also to try and develop children’s self-confidence and build their awareness of society around them. Through activities, outings, and camps Woodland Folk help members understand important issues like the environment, world debt and global conflict and, in recent years, have focused on sustainable development. By encouraging children to think, they hope children will help build a peaceful, fairer world.




Southampton City and Region Action To Combat Hardship (SCRATCH)

SCRATCH is a registered charity that tries to relive the effects of poverty for families and individuals by providing assistance and operating several projects designed to help disadvantaged and people in poverty. For example, they can provide good quality furniture and household items, provide emergency removal scheme, provide toys and gifts for children and young people who otherwise might go without presents, redistribute donated paint, and provide hot meals to those begging on the streets and other vulnerable people. Please note that Dorcas Project, Removals Project, Christmas Complete and Community Re-paint are not direct access projects; individuals and families need to be referred by one of our recognised referral agencies.

Address: 33 Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0SP

Tel: 023 8077 3132




Woolston, Freemantle and Millbrook Time Banks

The Time Bank is a way to use your skills helping others & receiving help in return. Everyone has something to offer, from gardening to form filling. Timebanking is a means of exchange used to organise people and organisations around a purpose, where time is the principal currency. For every hour participants ‘deposit’ in a timebank, perhaps by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support in time when they themselves are in need. In each case, the participant decides what they can offer. Everyone’s time is equal, so one hour of my time is equal to one hour of your time, irrespective of whatever we choose to exchange.

Web: Eastleigh and Romsey

( not currently active)


Southampton Collective

This local Community Interest company was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing support to growing and emerging local projects in the city in collaborative and co-creative ways. The directors Clare Diaper, Rebecca Kinge and Mandi Bissett have combined skills in community development, the art of hosting, research and development, health and welling, health and the arts, environmental impact assessment as well as a great relationships with and connection to many individuals, groups and organisations in Southampton who work on climate and environmental issues. The team have been involved in a number of exciting projects, including: TEDxSouthampton 2016 and 2018, Riverfest 2017, Climate Conversations, Art in Health, Southampton City Vision, Breathing Spaces and Growing Places.


Web page:

Twitter: @SotonCollective


Southampton Green Drinks (not currently running in 2023 and looks like still not in Feb 2023)

Southampton Green Drinks is a great way of meeting others working in the environmental sector, or who are simply interested in environmental issues and want to enjoy a relaxed evening in good company. Whether you want tea with cake or beer with sandwiches, come to meet with people working in the environmental sector or simply interested in environmental issues. Southampton Green Drinks meets at The Mayflower Village, 22-26 Commercial Road, SO15 1GE, next door to the Mayflower Theatre. Meetings are from 6.30pm onwards (typically until approx. 9pm) on the third Tuesday of every month. We're normally on the mezzanine area. Look for the Green Drinks sign. 





3.  Forums

Hampshire Climate Action Network (HCAN)

Hampshire Climate Action Network brings together groups active on climate change in their communities in the local government areas of Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Meetings take place three or four times a year to learn from each other; where appropriate, co-ordinate activities and facilitate projects to mitigate climate change; have a joint voice to Hampshire County Council and other cross-border agencies such as M3 LEP, Transport for the South East.

A group can become a member if it is taking action on the climate in its community in Hampshire, Portsmouth or Southampton. Individuals are welcome to join our meetings if they are active in their community on climate change.

More information can be found on


SoCAN (Southampton Climate Action Network)

First we worked on this directory, and now we have funding to do more!  Contact us!


Southern Sustainability Partnership

At The Southern Sustainability Partnership our role is to inspire, cajole, educate and match make. A winning formula that has been successfully empowering organisations to change since 2015. Our partnership is designed to disrupt a business-as-usual agenda and mindset because reducing the environmental footprint of our businesses and public sector organisations is among the most important objective of our time. We achieve this by creating events organisations cannot afford to miss on the topics you can no longer afford to ignore. Our flagship event is The Big Sustainability Expo. Held each year at St. Mary's Stadium in Southampton, it is now one of the UKs leading events dedicated to corporate sustainability and the drive to net-zero. Its sister event is the Big Sustainability Awards, a thank you to those organisations and individuals making a difference. Other events include Big Green Wheels clean transport roadshows, sustainability conferences and launched in 2022 a public green event on behalf of Southampton City Council. Our events are also supported with consultancy, a directory and education podcasts on our Corporate Sustainability Education Channel. Coming soon…The launch of Green Business Hampshire, a co-venture magazine with Hampshire based Stanbury Chameleon, designed to support businesses, public sector and suppliers in the county.

01202 971186



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