Easy Tz Meals CIC

Using surplus food to inspire and empower our team whilst feeding our community

Easy Tz Meals CIC uses surplus food (food destined for landfill) to make meals for a range of different people. We work with Fareshare, along with other businesses who collect surplus food in order to make nutritious homecooked meals. Our project started in lockdown making food for 13 people, but by the end we were making over 400 meals in one day going to over 45 households, each with their own stories to tell. 

We also like to reach a variety of people so we cater to three categories of meals as standard, these are more 'normal' diets, vegan diets, and low carb/keto diets, whilst also catering to other allergies and dietaries when they pop up!

Alongside making our meals, we have also donated food provisions to Wessex Heartbeat, local schools, feeding kids through the winter half terms, YMCA centers, frontline workers and families, working with a Winter Shelter programme and supporting local churches and other communities and CIC's with events and Christmas dinners!

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Easy TZ Meals CIC
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