Flight Free

Do we need to stop flying?

Friday 05 April 2024
18:45 to 20:45

Do we need to stop flying? Anna from Flight Free UK will explore the reality of aviation emissions, and discuss why cutting down on our flights is a powerful step in addressing the climate crisis. Choosing not to fly is not always easy, but there are many adventures to be had without getting on a plane. Expect some exciting travel stories from Anna’s personal experience, as well as many others from the Flight Free UK treasure trove. Anna is an author, environmental campaigner, flight-free adventurer and director of Flight Free UK, a behaviour change charity that encourages people to travel without flying.

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For more details or to arrange to meet a friendly face beforehand, message southeastregionjso@protonmail.com or 07897 286809.

Tea and coffee available

Do we need to stop flying? A talk by Flight Free UK hosted by Just Stop Oil Tickets, Fri, Apr 5, 2024 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

October Books, 189 Portswood Road
SO17 2NF
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