Collective Imagination ‘Huddles’

Friday 01 September 2023

As part of our programme of activity for the Collective Imagination Practice Community across 2023–24, a series of deeper, peer-led learning journeys (known as Huddles) will be popping up around the world, hosted by members of the community. Some will begin in the summer, others in autumn.

We’re thinking of these Huddles as ‘seed containers’ where we’ll incubate collective imagination practice over several months, by exploring a shared imagination practice topic or question in depth.

Huddles are purposeful, peer-led learning journeys, undertaken by small groups of peers who pool their knowledge, experience, perspectives and creativity, with the support of a host and a structure, to co-develop their learning and development.

The Collective Imagination Huddle hosts have completed their training and refined their themes — and are now inviting expressions of interest and/or applications!

Applications are OPEN for the first three Huddles. If you’re unsure yet whether you’d like to apply, but you’d like the host/s to know you’re interested, you can leave your details through this ‘expression of interest’ form and the host will be in touch with more info and/or application reminders.

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