Southampton Climate Café

Saturday 07 May 2022
15:00 to 16:30

A welcoming space for people to get together and start an honest conversation about how our converging climate and ecological challenges makes us feel. Meeting first Saturday of every month.

Facilitators guide the sessions and give you an opportunity to talk and time to process your feelings alongside others who feel the same  ---you are not alone.     

Expressing and sharing our feelings can release us from feeling helpless to wanting to act and make changes. This is a confidential group and opinions shared in the space are not discussed outside. In order to allow for a safe and confidential space, it is encouraged to stay for the whole session.

Suitable from age 16 up. Drinks such as tea and coffee will be offered after session ends. Sessions are free but donations of £2 are encouraged to cover expenses.

October Books
189 Portswood Road
SO17 2NF
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